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Garage Floor Epoxy Colors, Materials, And Data Sheets

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If you’re looking to elevate your home’s aesthetic and functionality, installing flake epoxy floors in your garage is a simple, quick, and extremely cost-effective way to achieve the effect you’re looking for. 

But once you and your family have decided to make the leap into owning the most luxurious garage on the block, what’s next?

With an unlimited number of color solutions and a various assortment of both attractive and durable materials to choose from, the decision process can feel daunting to many.

Luckily at Craftsman Concrete Floors, we have committed to using only the highest quality flooring materials in order to create the most attractive and durable garage space for your dream home. 

Let’s take a look at the epoxy paint products we know and love.

We know you’ll love them as well.

Who is Our Manufacturer of Choice?

For our standard luxury garage floor installations, Craftsman Concrete Floors’ manufacturer of choice to transform the everyday, average residential concrete floor is, Westcoat.

And for a variety of reasons.

Unlike garage floor paint (another common garage floor coating for many residential concrete floors) which is usually comprised of one component – acrylic garage floor paint– epoxy floor coatings are a perfect blend of two components: an epoxy resin and a polyamine hardener. This dual-component product informs many things for the consumer such as its extreme strength against heavyweights and loads, ability to withstand high traffic, and more.

However, it’s not just the product itself we favor but the details that back our manufacturer of choice. Westcoat’s American-made products only use inputs sourced from Germany, or domestically, which ensures a high standard of quality control.

So what might this mean for Craftsman Concrete Floors clients?

A standard of quality control that is both stringent and reliable means we can ensure the quality of the epoxy coating systems we apply to every square foot of our residential garage floors are always:

  • Strong
  • Easy-to-clean
  • Durable against even the highest of traffic, loads, and chemical and oil spills. 

Adding an extra incentive to the mix, Westcoat’s line of epoxy products is also VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) compliant. As a business that strives to always leave our environment better than we found it, Craftsman Concrete has committed ourselves to an environmental pledge in which the products we use meet a stringent level of expectations and regulations as to not add to our world’s air and water pollution. 

On the other side of the coin, however, are lower-quality epoxy products that can be found through many other independent businesses and local hardware stores. These lower, less-regulated products depend on Chinese inputs. Throughout the years we’ve found these inferior products to have a host of quality control issues that can impact the longevity and appearance of the installation, as well as a negative impact on the environment.

Custom Garage Floor Colors: Torginol Flake

Torginol is a Wisconsin-based epoxy flake manufacturer with over 60 years in the epoxy flooring industry. Their high standard of excellence, along with their commitment to making a positive environmental impact, has made them an easy decision when it comes to color flakes for our residential garage floors.

Torginol supplies over 150 unique colors in seven sizes. These colors and sizes seen in the chart below can be custom mixed to provide the exact palette you’re looking for.

Luxury Polished Concrete Floors

Luxury Polished Concrete Floors

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Craftsman Concrete Floors provides innovative, eco-friendly concrete flooring services for both residential and commercial projects across Texas.  Whether designing a new build or renovating an existing space, our experienced team is committed to delivering meticulous customer service and satisfaction, segment-leading expertise, and an equally stunning and sustainable finished product.

Learn More About the Westcoat Products Trusted by Craftsman Concrete

  • Westcoat’s EC-95 polyurethane is one of our preferred topcoats for epoxy garage floor systems due to its incredibly high chemical and mar resistance, and high-gloss appearance.
  • Westcoat’s EC-96 polyurethane is one of our preferred topcoats for epoxy garage floor systems due to its incredibly high chemical and mar resistance, and satin appearance.
  • Westcoat’s EC-34 Epoxy is 100% solids and is our preferred basecoat for epoxy garage floor systems because of its great adhesion, high tensile strength, and high impact resistance.
  • Westcoat EC-101 High-Gloss Polyaspartic Topcoat is similar in performance to Westcoat’s EC-95 topcoat, but with a much faster cure time.
  • Westcoat’s TC-60 color chips finish your concrete with a safe and slip-resistant aesthetic unique to you.

Other Epoxy Services we Offer


ESD epoxy floors are a two-part resin system designed to create a conductive surface that eliminates static electricity build-up and prevents electrostatic discharge. This specialized material is used to safeguard delicate electronic components from static electricity and minimize the possibility of damage or explosions. We install ESD epoxy floors for many different uses such as electronics manufacturing and testing, logistics, and data centers.

Urethane Cement

Urethane cement is an extremely durable flooring material commonly used in manufacturing installations such as food and beverage manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing and defense industry manufacturing. Urethane cement is made up of three components: a urethane polymer binder, Portland cement and sand aggregates. This tough combination allows the surface to stand up to extreme wear and tear–offering high chemical resistance and extreme resistance to thermal shock.

Still Unsure Which Epoxy is Perfect for Your Home?

Visit our epoxy garage floor page for resources and galleries to help you decide.

And as always, give us a call for your risk-free consultation.