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Project Highlight: ESD Epoxy Floors in Austin, Texas

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Project Highlight: ESD Epoxy Floors in Austin, Texas

In the heart of East Austin, this airplane parts manufacturer had Craftsman Concrete install a 4,000-foot ESD epoxy floor in an electronics testing area of their manufacturing facility. ESD epoxy was required so that sensitive electronics and equipment were not damaged during testing and packaging. Our ESD epoxy system was provided by Protective Industrial Polymers, and includes a primer epoxy coat, 100% solids epoxy body coat, and conductive polyurethane top coat. The entire system is grounded to the common electrical ground of the facility, ensuring consistent static dissipation for workers.

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Why is ESD Flooring Installed?

For some types of businesses, such an electronics logistics or manufacturing, the discharge of static electricity from workers to products can create huge problems. As workers move around their facility, the friction between their sock and shoe creates static electricity. Because rubber soled shoes do not allow for the discharge of static, this static electricity builds on the worker until they come into contact with a conductive surface. If that conductive surface happens to be a sensitive piece of electronics, the electrostatic discharge may cause damage.

With ESD epoxy floors, workers wear special footwear that creates a conductive path between their body and the floor. Since an entire ESD epoxy floor is grounded, workers are therefore continuously grounded so that static electricity is not able to accumulate. This continuous ground effectively protects electronic equipment from electrostatic discharge.

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