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Project Highlight: Polished Concrete Gas Station in Austin, Texas

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Project Highlight: Polished Concrete Gas Station in Austin, Texas

Just south of downtown, this luxury gas station project chose to utilize polished concrete for its sales floor. The business owner chose polished concrete floors for their extreme durability and slip resistance. As a high-traffic business, low-maintenance is also important to the business owner. Polished concrete floors are easy to keep clean and last for decades, even when exposed to extreme use.

This specific finish is a cream-polished concrete floor, meaning the surface of the concrete was polished without any grinding first. This finish leaves a high-gloss, marbled appearance that is very popular in modern construction.

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Luxury Polished Concrete Floors

Luxury Polished Concrete Floors

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What are The benefits of Polished Concrete Floors?

Polished concrete floors are extremely slip-resistant due to the fact that they’re honed to be very flat. A very flat concrete floor translates to complete contact between your shoe and the floor, creating a very slip-resistant surface. This slip resistance is very important for high-traffic business owners who face large slip and fall liability. Using polished concrete floors in your business will make your customers safer, and can even reduce your liability insurance premiums.
Because of their smooth, continuous surface, polished concrete floors are very easy to keep clean. For large commercial spaces, specialized floor scrubbers with diamond-impregnated pads are used. For smaller spaces, a microfiber mop is sufficient. Polished concrete floors do not require specialized cleaning supplies. A simple soap and water mopping solution is ideal for cleaning polished concrete floors.
Because polished concrete floors are made from the structural concrete slab of a building, they’re extremely durable. When properly maintained, polished concrete floors can last 20 years or longer. Further, if they become damaged from an extreme impact or spill, they’re easy to spot repair. Simply put, polished concrete floors are one of the most cost-effective flooring solutions for a commercial installation.

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