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Electrostatic Dissipative Epoxy Flooring Installation in Texas

Craftsman Concrete

Craftsman Concrete Electrostatic Dissipative Coatings

Floors in data centers are exposed to extreme conditions and must provide a long, uninterrupted service life. Further, conductive flooring systems must protect sensitive electronics from electrostatic discharge. At Craftsman Concrete Floors, we specialize in floor coating systems that offer long-term static control solutions to builders and technology companies.

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Workers installing an ESD epoxy floor in Dallas, Texas
Craftsman Concrete installing an ESD epoxy floor in Dallas, Texas

What are Electrostatic Dissipative Floors?

ESD floors are a type of industrial flooring material that dissipates electrical charges to protect sensitive equipment. Anti-static floors ground workers as they move around a facility, continuously transferring static electricity from the worker, through the floor, into a defined electrical ground. This keeps damaging static electrical charges from accumulating, thereby protecting equipment.

Static dissipative floors are a type of epoxy floor system that has been modified with added conductive materials. The base coat is an epoxy primer with added carbon to reduce its electrical resistance. Then a conductive body coat and top coat are layered on the surface. A conductive copper tape is embedded between the layers of the floor, allowing an electrician to ground the floor to a designated earth ground point. Specialized ESD footwear and clothing are often required as well to increase conductivity between a worker and the floor.

In the past, anti-static tiles or static control waxes were commonly implemented; however, these systems introduced maintenance complications. Our ESD coatings can be as simple as a multilayer epoxy system or can incorporate other materials such as urethane or cement.

Requirements for Data Center Flooring

Static control

Static control is the most critical and challenging aspect of data center flooring. Data centers house sensitive and expensive equipment easily damaged by uncontrolled electric discharge. Our seamless flooring systems are a simple, affordable, and low-maintenance solution for controlling static electricity.

A Craftsman Concrete Floors ESD floor during testing for electrical conductivity

High Durability

Our ESD epoxy flooring provides a long, uninterrupted service life despite exposure to extreme conditions. Server room floors are frequently exposed to:

  • High Compressive Load
    Servers and rack systems introduce a high compressive load to underlying flooring systems. A suitable ESD epoxy flooring system must be able to withstand these forces without failures such as cracks or dents.
  • Abrasion and Wear
    Repetitive abrasion is inherent to server room flooring. Our ESD systems withstand abrasion while maintaining their static control characteristics.
  • Chemical Spills
    Our ESD epoxy flooring systems have very high resistance to liquid chemical spills. These include acids, bases, bleach and other cleaning supplies, oils, solvents, and bodily fluids.

Low Maintenance

Our conductive flooring systems offer extremely low maintenance to enable long-term continuous use. Some of the benefits of ESD epoxy are our product are:

  • Easy to clean with standard cleaning supplies.
  • Seamless. ESD epoxy flooring does not contain grout lines like anti-static tiles.
  • Easy dust control

Temperature Control

Computer equipment is densely contained in data centers and requires efficient cooling to operate correctly. Unlike other high performance flooring solutions, our ESD coating systems do not absorb heat. This characteristic helps to increase cooling efficiency and equipment performance in data centers.

Where Are ESD Epoxy Floors Used?

Anti-static flooring is most commonly used in areas of a data center where sensitive equipment is installed, such as server rooms. Because of their high price, data centers will often install other types of industrial flooring in less critical areas such as walkways, offices, or bathrooms.

ESD floors are also used in electronic manufacturing, assembly, pharmaceutical industry laboratories, and certain packaging or processing areas.

When building a data center, choosing the correct ESD flooring system and installer is critical to the construction process.

What areas do you service?

Between our Dallas, San Antonio, Houston, and Austin locations, we service all of Texas for ESD Flooring. For inquiries outside of Texas, give us a call.