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Project Highlight: Polished Concrete Overlay in Dallas, Texas

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Project Highlight: Polished Concrete Overlay in Dallas, Texas

Nestled in the Prestonwood neighborhood of North Dallas, this project, 5908 Meadowcreek Drive, chose to utilize a polished concrete overlay for much of the primary floor of their home. The homeowner decided to install a concrete overlay to provide a pristine concrete floor finish while offering the ability to grade adjust to adjacent tile and wood flooring. This material was supplied by Ardex, and is specified in standard gray. Showing fine white aggregate, this floor is a perfect example of a salt and pepper-polished concrete floor.

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At Craftsman Concrete Floors, we specialize in residential flooring installations. With nearly 25 years of experience installing polished concrete flooring and terrazzo, we’re the preferred installer of countless contractors and builders. 

Our in-house design team is available at no cost to help you achieve your project’s desired goals. We employ well-known veterans of the commercial coating industry, many with decades of experience. Proudly, all our employees are full-time W-2 employees receiving a living wage. At Craftsman Concrete Floors, we never subcontract jobs.

What are Polished Concrete Overlays?

Concrete overlays are thin, polishable toppings poured over the structural slab of a building. Typically poured at 3/8″ to 1/2″, concrete overlays are highly engineered materials designed to offer a defect-free polished concrete appearance. Unlike polishing a structural slab, polished concrete overlays do not show characteristics of the concrete pour, such as swirls from a power trowel. This allows homeowners to achieve a polished concrete finish with much more control than when polishing a structural slab.
Polished concrete overlays come in various colors and textures; some have fine aggregates, while others do not. Popular colors include white, tan, light gray, and dark gray.
Another primary benefit is their ability to grade adjust other types of flooring. Because overlays can be poured as thick as 2″, they can be installed at the same grade as hardwood floors, tile, engineered floors, and vinyl planks.

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