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Stained Concrete Floor Installation in Austin, Texas

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Stained Concrete Floor Installation in Austin, Texas

Stained concrete floors have been a popular choice in both residential and commercial construction for decades. The reason for this is that stained concrete floors are durable, high-quality, and much more affordable compared to alternatives like hardwood or tile.

Stained concrete involves grinding the existing slab of a building and then adding a dye, pigment, or reactive acid to the concrete to modify its color. A sealer is then applied over this surface to protect the concrete surface from wear and stains.

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A Craftsman Concrete Acid Stained Concrete Floor in Austin, Texas. Notice the natural color variations on the floor.

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Types of stained concrete floor

Acid stain is the most traditional type of concrete stain. Acid stain has been used for over 100 years, and permanently alters the color of concrete through a chemical reaction. Metallic particles are mixed with muriatic acid, and then react with the calcium in concrete to create the natural color tones we imagine when we think of stained concrete floors. This installation can be time consuming, taking 3 or more days, due to the fact that a chemical reaction has to take place. Because of its high durability, acid stain is especially well suited for outdoor installations such as patios.

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Water-based concrete stains work by depositing a fine pigment into the surface of the concrete. Unlike acid stains, which are only available in a limited amount of colors, water-based concrete stains are available in the full spectrum of colors. Because of this, they can be used to create intricate and creative designs on floors. While water-based concrete stains are UV-stable, they’re less durable than acid stains and are generally only used for interior installations. Because they’re VOC-free and have no reaction time, they can be installed quickly in both residential and commercial applications.

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Concrete dyes are designed to modify polished concrete floors and are made from ultra-fine pigments suspended in a solvent carrier. Because their particle size is so fine, they provide a natural-looking tint to polished concrete surfaces. Unlike water-based stains, which provide a bold and semi-opaque appearance, concrete dyes are extremely transparent and natural-looking. Concrete dye is not UV-stable, so it cannot be used outdoors.

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