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Urethane Cement Floors in Austin, Texas

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Urethane Cement Floors In Austin, Texas

Urethane cement is one of the most advanced technologies in commercial concrete flooring. Urethane cement is a mixture of polyurethane, cement, and aggregates and is installed as an overlay on top of an existing concrete slab. Urethane cement floors have extreme resistance to abrasion, thermal shock, and harsh chemicals, so they’re commonly installed in some of the most severe use cases. Common uses for urethane cement include breweries, distilleries, veterinary offices, and chemical manufacturing.

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A Craftsman Concrete urethane cement floor installed in a waste management facility near Austin, Texas. Notice the extreme texture caused by the sand broadcast component of the urethane cement floor.

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Urethane Cement installation

Urethane cement is a type of concrete overlay, meaning that a relatively thin layer of material is poured over the structural slab of a building. The first step in installing a concrete overlay is to prep the existing concrete slab. The concrete slab must be extremely rough to create as much surface area for bonding as possible, so the concrete is shot-blasted. Then, after being cleaned, the mixture of polyurethane and concrete is poured on the slab in small batches, and specialized rakes are used to level and smooth the material. Sand is broadcast into the urethane cement while it’s still wet, increasing impact resistance and creating a grippy surface. Finally, a topcoat of polyaspartic is applied to the floor to create an easy-to-clean surface.

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Why install urethane cement floors?

Because of urethane cement’s unique mixture of polyurethane, cement, and sand, it offers extreme impact resistance. These floors are impervious to repeated impacts from very heavy objects. This makes urethane cement especially well suited for machine shops and production facilities, where heavy machinery and products are commonplace.
Urethane cement exhibits minimal expansion and contraction when exposed to extreme temperatures, making it uniquely well-suited for manufacturing facilities that repeatedly wash the floor with hot and cold water. These facilities include breweries, distilleries, and pharmaceutical manufacturing.
A layer of course sand is impregnated into the surface of a urethane cement floor, leaving a highly textured surface. This textured surface is highly slip-resistant, even when wet, and will increase safety in your facility.
Because urethane cement has an extremely short cure time, it can be installed with little to no downtime in your facility. Projects started Friday evening can easily be completed by Monday morning.

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A urethane cement floor during the installation process. At this phase, sand was just broadcast to rejection into the urethane cement binder. After vacuuming excess sand, a polyaspartic topcoat will be applied to this floor.

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