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Commercial Concrete Floor Maintenance

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Maintenance is a continuous process and helps extend the lifetime of your commercial flooring installation.

About Craftsman Concrete Floors Commercial Projects

About Craftsman Concrete Floors Commercial Projects

Since 1999, our team of flooring experts have completed over 2,000 commercial flooring projects including factories, warehouses, offices and industry specific commercial properties like food processing units, diagnostic labs etc. With presence across Texas, we provide best in class consulting and implementation concrete flooring services and are amongst the top rated in the industry.

What Types of Polished Concrete Floors Require Maintenance?

Grocery Stores, Supermarkets and Big Box Retail Stores

A classic example of 24×7 365 days a year of a property with concrete floors, which has high foot traffic and need flooring that supports heavy usage. With certain areas of the grocery stores getting repetitive patterns, can cause wear in an imbalanced manner i.e. the floors show excessively worn out in certain high traffic areas as compared to the rest of the store. 

Commercial Flooring in Grocery Stores makes it to the top of the list because of the exposure and possibilities of material spillage such as canned goods, vinegar, oil, wine, cleaners, dyes, detergents, laundry soap, etc type of materials which are more likely to damage floors if not cleaned properly and within a short time period.

Grocery Stores, Supermarkets and Big Box Retail Stores
Manufacturing Units

Manufacturing Units

Manufacturing units have a variety of flooring usage all of which require durable and well maintained commercial flooring including excessive foot traffic, forklifts and other heavy equipment used along with frequent impacts of lifting and keeping heavy goods.
Factories that have exposure to oils and chemical spills should get frequency commercial floor maintenance done as it is important not just from an aesthetic standpoint, but also may be a factor that is considered in hygiene, cleanliness and safety of the manufacturing unit.

Restaurants & Hotels

Commercial Flooring in restaurants and recreational properties requires the most maintenance and care because of high internal and external (public) foot traffic. Such high volume traffic combined with the possibility of spillage of Aerosolized Cooking Oil which creates a coating on a commercial concrete floor demands Professional stripping in order to keep the floors clean and slip-resistant.

Restaurants & Hotels
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Why Do Polished Concrete Floors need to be Professionally Managed?

As part of routine daily cleaning, Polished concrete maintenance involves cleaning off any debris that has accumulated on top of the polished layer of your concrete surface so that it can maintain its appearance indefinitely without having to be replaced prematurely due to damage caused by foreign materials being trapped against it (such as dirt/mud/grime). This process involves sweeping and mopping away any loose particles/dust. In order to increase the overall lifespan of the concrete floor, it is advisable to get a Professional Company to service regularly. 

  • High Traffic and Heavy Use Areas cause wear faster than other parts of a floor, leading to inconsistent wear patterns and staining. This makes the concrete floor unattractive, lands a poor impression on your staff and customers and mostly, it may cause costly repairs and impact business operations. 
  • Worn Floors become less slip-resistant and it may increase the slip and fall liability of a business. Professionally installed and maintained polished concrete floors are one of the most slip-resistant commercial flooring options with a lifespan in decades not years.

When do Polished Concrete Floors need to professionally maintained?

In most cases, a quick analysis of your concrete floor should give you the answer. See if the floor matches one or more of the following conditions:

  • When High-Traffic Areas look dull or darker as compared to the rest of the floor.
  • When there is an increase in visible staining from regular usage or liquid spills. 
  • When water from cleaning, mopping or floor scrubbing get absorbed quickly into the floor, especially in the busy areas. 

What is involved in Professional Polished Concrete Maintenance?

There are a number of steps and methods used depending on the wear and floor usage. Here is a general procedure:

  • Surface contaminants are removed with specialized water-based stripers or specialized abrasive pads. 
  • Stains from liquid spills are treated with a poultice.
  • A silicate densifier is reapplied to the concrete. This increases durability to abrasion and liquid stains.
  • High-speed diamond burnishing to restore the original gloss to the floor.
  • Penetrating stain-protect liquids are added to the floor in order to increase resistance to liquid spills.
What is the Cost of Professional Polished Concrete Floor Maintenance?

What is the Cost of Professional Polished Concrete Floor Maintenance?

  • Variable based on the the extent of damage and stains. 
  • Variable based on the square footage of the project.
  • Variable based on job hours i.e. During or After Business Hours.
  • Variable based on Equipment to be used.
  • Variable based on Job Location.