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Polished Concrete Floors in Apartments

When it comes to flooring, apartment complexes face many unique challenges in regards to frequent heavy foot traffic and moving furniture. Throughout the complex, owners must find apartment flooring solutions that are safe for residents, durable enough to withstand frequent moves, and long-lasting to minimize long-term repair and maintenance costs that negatively impact the bottom line. Residents expect the environment within the apartment complexes they reside in to be cozy and welcoming, functional, and well-kept.

Apartment residents view the entire apartment complex as an extension of their home, especially lobby areas, open recreation areas, and hallways where residents regularly interact and engage on their way to their own space. These spaces, are often the first area guests see when visiting the apartment complex, either to meet with existing residents or when considering the complex for their next move. A space like this requires presentable flooring that residents and guests will feel comfortable with and that apartment owners will find cost-effective as well as easy to clean and maintain.

At Craftsman Concrete Floors, we have a variety of decorative, polished concrete flooring and epoxy flooring solutions for apartment complexes that present a welcoming & functional atmosphere for guests that landlords can afford. Instead of going the cheap-looking route which will ultimately cost more in the long run, smart property owners are turning their backs on the carpet and investing in more decorative flooring solutions like polished concrete floors for high traffic areas throughout the apartment complex.

An Impressive Choice for Apartments

The glass-like finish of polished concrete flooring in apartment complexes can certainly make a bold statement to prospective future residents, apartment guests, and existing residents and staff. Nothing makes an apartment lobby feel more outdated than threadbare carpets that are soiled and stained! Polished concrete is an excellent alternative to carpet, linoleum, vinyl, and tile, and because it can be stained many beautiful colors to coordinate with a variety of textures and finishes, polished concrete floors are an incredible impression choice for apartments.

Refined Color & Textures Coordinate with Many Designs

The use of concrete flooring in any apartment creates a refined feel that builds upon the naturally existing elements of light and texture that are present in the design. The smooth, seamless surface of a polished concrete floor is ideally suited to coordinate well with a variety of interior design choices, particularly those that focus on natural beauty, a minimalist approach, an industrial vibe, or a modern atmosphere. You might say, polished concrete is a rather versatile design choice.

Durable Flooring that Lasts

Polished concrete flooring is incredibly durable and long-lasting. It’s made to hold up to heavy foot traffic as well as frequent moving of large furniture, and it can also withstand pet claws, strollers, and other wheeled equipment including wheelchairs, carts, and furniture dollies. This makes polished concrete flooring ideal for use in community hallways, lobbies, and entranceways, inside laundry areas, and throughout large recreation areas.

What makes polished concrete flooring so incredible for apartments is its longevity. Concrete already lasts a VERY long time and when it is polished, densifiers are added to reinforce and strengthen the concrete even further. Ultimately, a polished concrete flooring system in an apartment complex could outlast virtually any other flooring solution and it looks amazing in the process!

Easy to Maintain Polished Concrete Apartment Complex Flooring

Apartment complex owners appreciate the longevity of polished concrete flooring. It easily holds up for several years in between the need for maintenance, and when the time comes to rejuvenate the shine and existing luster of the polished concrete flooring throughout the complex, the process is quite fast and simple. Most areas are easily re-polished overnight, minimizing any impact or interruption to residents, staff, or guests.

While the amount of time between polished concrete flooring maintenance varies based on a variety of factors including use, weathering, chemicals used in cleaning the floors, and whether or not the floors face frequent spills or similar damage, most apartment owners find that they can go between 3 and 5 years before rejuvenating the concrete flooring throughout their complex with lower traffic areas requiring significantly less intervention than communal areas that are more frequented.

An Apartment Owner’s Dream Come True

As an apartment owner, much of your focus is on minimizing maintenance costs to maximize your ROI. Flooring, such as carpet or vinyl, can easily cost upwards of $10 per square foot to purchase and install, and this expense becomes routine once every 3 to 5 years depending on floor quality and various other factors such as frequency or amount of foot traffic. What if you didn’t have to incur flooring replacement expenses every 5 years?

The money you can save by not removing and replacing the floor every couple of years is exponential, or you might call it, “An apartment owner’s dream come true!” Polished concrete flooring in an apartment can last decades without major maintenance. Rejuvenation is quick and affordable, especially when compared to flooring replacement!

Customizable Concrete Floors for Any Apartment Setting

Decorative concrete flooring for apartments is a great choice for virtually any setting. Choose from a variety of customizable colors, textures, finishes, and designs to make your apartment complex stand out to visitors and to prospective tenants. An eye-catching entryway or recreation center on the property is a great way to attract the attention of prospective renters and property buyers.

Choose from fully customizable colors and textures to create the look that’s just right for each area of your apartment or condo property. Want a tile look? We can create virtually any pattern using score lines to separate colors and textures while introducing the visual appeal that’s just right for you.

Ready to Get Started?

At Craftsman Concrete Floors we have a flooring solution that’s ideal for every area of your complex. Contact us to speak with a flooring expert about polished concrete floors for your apartment.