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Austin TX, Polished Concrete Floors

Craftsman Concrete

Austin TX, Polished Concrete Floors

At Craftsman Concrete Floors, we have installed polished concrete floors in Austin since 1999. Craftsman Concrete specializes in polished concrete for both new residential construction and renovations, as well as commercial projects.

As one of the largest installers of residential polished concrete floors in the country, we’ve developed a proprietary concrete polishing system that meets the stringent quality demands of luxury construction.

We employ many well-known veterans of the concrete polishing industry, with backgrounds in installation, materials manufacturing, and product development. We proudly partner with many material manufacturers to provide certified installation.

We know that our customers install polished concrete floors to reduce waste and environmental impact. To further this commitment, we use 100% renewable energy in our facilities, utilize electric cars when possible, and purchase carbon credits to offset the greenhouse gasses produced by our other vehicles.

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