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Craftsman Concrete

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value
My wife and I recently built a modern home and to do it right it became very overwhelming. The concrete cost portion of our home as part of the budget was in excess of 25%(8% or less in most homes). My wife and I became very knowledgeable about concrete. When we called on Jeremy we needed to polish a basement bedroom floor. We needed to polish a foundation grade concrete floor to a slightly less than museum quality grade, Craftsman did the job. Craftsman’s crew showed up on time, did everything they said they would, did it for a good price and the quality of the job was outstanding. Unfortunately for Jeremy I was in a part of my construction job where most of the remaining work was extremely detailed and painstaking. I was so impressed with Jeremy I asked if he would GC the rest of my job. He declined but Craftsman did refer other subs to me that did outstanding work. Could not have been more impressed with Craftsman.